Austvolt Granted Land Allocation in Rockingham-Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area for state-of-the-art Cathode Precursor Material (pCAM) Manufacturing Plant

June 13, 2023

[Perth, 13th June, 2023]Austvolt are delighted to announce that its submission for land allocation in the Rockingham-Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) has been approved by the Industrial Lands Panel (ILP). The ILP consists of the Minister for State and Industry Development, Jobs and Trade and the Minister for Lands.

This allocation signifies a significant milestone in Austvolt’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions and reinforces its position as an emerging player in the industry. 

The new pCAM Plant will contribute to the local economy, job creation, and support the development of the strategic industrial area.

Dr. Mike Nahan, Chairman of Austvolt, expressed his appreciation to the Minister for State and Industry Development, Jobs and Trade, and the Minister for Lands for supporting the project proposal. 

“This land allocation signifies the trust and confidence the State Government has in Austvolt’s capabilities and its dedication to sustainable energy solutions. We believe this development will bring immense value to the region, driving economic growth and fostering innovation.”

“Austvolt is excited about the opportunity to establish its pCAM Plant in the Rockingham-Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area and looks forward to collaborating with our key stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition into the allocated space”, Dr Nahan commented.

Peeyush Mathur, Managing Director & Founder of Austvolt added, “As a Founder of the Austvolt business I believe the securing of land in the Rockingham-Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area for our Cathode Precursor Materials Plant is a momentous achievement. This milestone highlights the dedication of our team and our unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Establishing our manufacturing plant will positively impact the local economy, create job opportunities, and contribute to the overall development of Australia’s renewable energy industry.”

Right now, Australia realises approximately 0.5% of the total current value of the global lithium battery supply chain. To capture and grow this opportunity, and to add value to Australia’s contribution to the global supply chain, Austvolt are building Australia’s first commercial pCAM manufacturing plant which will significantly enhance the value of the product being exported by Australia.

The cathode precursor is a high-value and specifically engineered material that contains nickel, cobalt, and manganese. When combined with lithium it becomes the cathode material for lithium batteries.

By developing a commercial scale cathode precursor material manufacturing plant in Western Australia, Austvolt will be able to guarantee ethical sourcing and traceability, while helping drive Australia’s advanced manufacturing ambitions.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Hugh Reynolds

Non-Executive Director


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